Ukrainian Historical Journal

Time of foundation



National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Institute of History of Ukraine, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kuras Institute of Political and Ethnic Studies

Language of edition

Ukrainian, English


6 times a year

Registration in State Tax Administration of Ukraine

According to the order by Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine № 747, 13.07.2015

Specialty in list of the State Attestation Commission of Ukraine

Historical sciences

Editorial policy

- objectivity and impartiality;

- high requirements to quality of scientific research;

- article review policy;

- strict observance of copyright

Stages for manuscript to pass

After the article is received for editing within 2–3 days, the evaluation for compliance of the submitted manuscript with the formal requirements of the edition (volume of text, presence of primary sources, etc.) is performed. If these procedures are successful, the article is submitted for external anonymous peer review. The decision of the reviewers is approved by the editorial board for each issue. If the manuscript is approved by experts, it is submitted for editing.

Open Access Policy

Ukrainian Historical Journal promotes the global knowledge sharing and provides with direct open access to its content.