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"Ukrainian Historical Journal" (UHJ) is an academic journal (founders: Institute of History of Ukraine at NAS of Ukraine, Kuras Institute of Political and Ethnic Studies), which reflects the main tendencies of modern national historiography, in particular outlines the general palette of challenges, opportunities, problems and prospects in study of Ukrainian history and related disciplinary segments.

Founded in 1957. Issued 6 times a year. Distributed by subscription. It is intended for specialists of historical profile and a wide range of researchers and readers, who are interested in national history. Editor-in-Chief - Academician at NAS of Ukraine Valerii Smolii.

"UHJ" has a long history. This first and only the republican professional journal in post-war and post-Stalin Ukraine appeared on the wave of Khrushchev's thaw, 25 years after the liquidation of journal "Ukraine", launched by Mykhailo Hrushevskyi. If the Soviet era represented a rather complicated and ideologically committed time that made a clear imprint virtually on all publications, then with the fall of the communist regime, the journal was transformed into a research laboratory, where the authors represented their creations, achievements and work.

In the years of Ukraine's independence, the journal became available for publications of various directions, the selection criteria of which are the corresponding scientific level, novelty, contribution to basic research. Since the late 1980-ies, the journal has played the role of a landmark in formation of new national historiography. It depicts the aspects in the history of Ukraine that have been falsified or silenced for a long time, above all the formation and establishment of a totalitarian regime, its consequences in various spheres of social life, Ukrainian Revolution of 1917–1921, the Second World War, etc. The role of UHJ in promoting the historiography heritage, publication of sources is notable. Much space has been devoted to the development of problems in the Middle Ages, the "long" nineteenth century, etc.

Ukrainian Historical Journal reflects the level of national historical science on its pages, determines the directions of further searches. It is an open area, where experts will try their own ideas, suggestions, and concepts. The history of Ukraine is represented from many angles and in various contexts, first of all, not as isolated integrity but included, combined, connected with European and world past. It is this approach that makes UHJ attractive to professionals with a wide range of specializations, as it allows you quickly to get acquainted with the achievements of colleagues in other discipline or problem areas.